Birder in Training.

I have never been much of a birder. It’s primarily because I haven’t had the patience to sit and wait for  little brown hard-to-identify sparrow-looking birds to come sit close enough to me so I can identify them. But when you come upon a breeding colony of over a hundred thousand birds standing, flying, swimming, … Continue reading Birder in Training.


Add a notch to the bear count. Actually, add two. We’ve been tootling around Svalbard for the last three days looking for wildlife, taking zodiac cruises, and hiking along the rocky shorelines. Today, the captain steered us into Nordaustlandet, the second largest island in the archipeligo. It prime polar bear habitat  because of the  fast … Continue reading Bear(s)

The Bridge

There is an open bridge policy aboard the Explorer. Passengers can  wander in and out any time of the day or night. I have spent a fair amount of time there so far this trip. Typically, I have to open the door with my elbow because I have coffee, binoculars, and camera in hand. I … Continue reading The Bridge

6-26-2015 Life Finds a Way

To be honest, my first impression of Spitzbergen, the big island in the Svalbard archipeligo was pretty harsh. I tried to imagine  living my life in Longyearbyen. It may have been  an interesting place to visit, but live there…no way. My impression might have something to do with the fact that ever since I moved … Continue reading 6-26-2015 Life Finds a Way

6/25/2015 On to Svalbard

The flight to Svalbard took about 3 hours. It is an archipeligo that is about 1200 miles north of Oslo, Norway. At 76 degrees north, we are less than 700 miles from the north pole! Longyearbyen is the main settlement of about  2,600 people on the big island of Spitzbergen.   Vladimir was our guide … Continue reading 6/25/2015 On to Svalbard


Lufenholtz beach, a few miles south of Trinidad, CA has become one of my favorite places on the planet. Only a 20 minute drive from my house in Bayside, it’s one of the go-to places for my family when we want to get away for an afternoon. A bit of a Goldilocks spot, conditions have … Continue reading Home