Working through Jetlag at the Gustav Vigeland Park

7 thoughts on “Working through Jetlag at the Gustav Vigeland Park”

  1. Glad you made it safely Greg!! The sculptures are beautiful!! Looking forward to hearing more and seeing more of your trip.


  2. Thanks for the posts, Greg! Zoe, Willow, and I are enjoying them while on our tour of the American West! I think they envy the cool/cold weather you are experiencing! -Scott


  3. Imagining the wonder and ah, the new friends and interesting conversations you must be experiences every moment. The pictures of Gusav’s sculptures do a nice job of capturing some of the magic.


  4. Hi Greg, You rock! This is awesome, thanks for sharing your journey, we are all watching!
    Hi Greg it me grace its so cool you are going to do the Arctic plunge you are the coolest teacher so far. I am so excited to go surfing with you i also am happy to study Antarctica! I am the luckiest Girl to be in your class! From Grace, Evan and Beth


  5. wow!! wow!! wow!!
    Everything from Galapagos Islands to Sea Camp to the amazing polar bear photo to the awesome park with all the statues I wish I could see in person….my mind is reeling just reading about your life right now! Thank you for sharing it here. We will be reading your blog often this summer!


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